The registered aims of Adventures Unlimited Scotland are:

To carry out activities, which benefit the community, and in particular (without limitation):

  1. The organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for people whose lives are impacted by disability, disadvantage or illness.
  2. The promotion of Equality and Diversity by providing opportunities for able-bodied people and people with disabilities to work together as partners in the participation of outdoor activities.

What we actually do is provide a whole range of healthy, challenging and enjoyable outdoor activities in and around The Highlands of Scotland to anyone who wants to join in. We are especially skilled at working with young people who have disabilities or difficulties in their lives, and much of our equipment has been chosen with this in mind

We can offer watersports such as sailing canoeing, and kayaking, and also rock climbing, mountain biking and hill walking.

 Our company is managed by a board of three Directors.  These people have been chosen because of their skills and experiences, and their passion for being in the outdoors with young people.

The Directors are:

 Simon Sims is a qualified teacher with over 30 years experience working with young people who have Additional Support Needs. Simon is the founding Director of Adventures Unlimited Scotland. He holds a wide range of instructor awards, particularly in sailing and kayaking. Simon has a passion for the outdoors and for working with young people and is happiest out on the water, no matter what the weather. Simon also organises the Black Isle Sea Kayak Symposium every September.

Ross Balfour is a retired Company Director with business links throughout the Highlands. Ross has a background in the Navy and was a keen sailor for many years. Ross is now working hard to develop Adventures Unlimited Scotland and he plays an important role in our business plan.


Barney Johnston is a multi talented outdoor instructor and qualified teacher of Craft and Design. Barney regularly teaches climbing and canoeing to our groups and also has a passion for landrovers and all things mechanical. He has worked at a number of outdoor centres including Outward Bound at Fort William, and has travelled extensively abroad.

In addition, Adventures Unlimited Scotland also calls upon a number of outdoor instructors and volunteers to help us provide our activities and look after our participants.


Contact us at         Tel: 07770 885619

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