A Curriculum for Excellence

As qualified teachers we know the value of outdoor activities for developing skills and abilities in young people.

Our activities are designed to meet individual needs and promote targeted skills for all young people, leading to:

Confident Individuals
                 Effective Contributors
                              Successful Learners
                                                Responsible Citizens

Adventures Unlimited Scotland can work with education authorities, social services and schools to provide powerful learning experiences through outdoor activities. We are highly experienced in working with young people who have difficulties in their lives,and we can develop programmes to bring about positive behaviour and increase motivation, social skills and self esteem. We can work with groups of any size, or individuals who need more care and attention. As highly skilled and experienced teachers we can work with individuals who are experiencing social and emotional difficulties to provide a programme of social and personal development using outdoor activities as the vehicle for change. Our aim is to develop skills and awareness to enable the individual to overcome difficulties and if possible to be able to take part in mainstream activities again. We can do this with individual pupils or groups of up to four young people.

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