The weekends away were amazing, we had so much fun sailing, climbing, archery and biking, and celebrating a birthday. I enjoyed staying at the hostel, camping, walking on the beach. I liked it when I found all the shells and when we had dinner in the church”. 

Hannah aged 12

“On Sunday we went away to Cycleability and at first I didn’t like it, but then Morag showed me what to do. It took a little practice but Morag jogged along beside me to help me to steer and before long I realised that I was cycling by myself. I went around the track 4 times by myself with no help, it was great fun and I was really pleased. After lunch we did archery. We had to hit a target and we won prizes if we burst the balloon. I really like these trips and I want to go all the time”.

Sarah aged 14

“Our children all enjoy coming to the activities and weekend trips.  It is particularly valuable to us as two of our ‘non-additional needs’ children can come with our Autistic 15 year old. This inclusion is really important to us as often the younger children without special needs can miss out.  Also, it is great opportunity for our Autistic child to socialise with others on a similar wavelength to himself, something that hardly happens at all normally.

All the activities, particularly canoeing are very well managed and led. You have a very high level of skill in looking after a number of children with additional needs and remain calm when children need to be managed. The weekend trips are very well planned and managed with plenty of challenging activities and the children are all expected to muck in and help with tasks, which is great in beginning to learn independent living skills”.

Parent of Autistic boy aged 15.

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